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Our field of expertise is completely transversal, covering the entire range of fields included in Industrial Leadership and Societal Challenges pillars.


In Horizon 2020, the European Commission is requiring consortia to develop elaborated dissemination and exploitation plans to ensure an effective use of the knowledge generated within the projects. In addition, the projects evaluation is more focused on the impact section. Project proposals with weak communication and exploitation plans and weak impact sections risk to receive low scores from the evaluators.


Consortia often have difficulty in coming up with meaningful communication and exploitation plans as this requires an expertise quite different to the scientific and technological expertise predominantly present in Horizon 2020 projects. Dissemination is only a part of Communication, which implies several processes. Communication is a two-way process to be developed all along the project execution with the relevant stakeholders.


Kneia personnel has wide experience in leading the Dissemination and Exploitation related work packagesof  FP7 and H2020 proposals, as well as helping on better focusing the impact analysis. So our expertise contributes to increase the score of the impact section in the evaluation summary report. Once the Grant Agreement has been signed, our team provides valuable contribution to the project implementation success, as explained below.

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Commercialization of R&D results

Supporting the technology transfer process, through the evaluation, marketing and deal-making of technology.

Project and Risk Management

Evaluating project risks, defining project governance and providing technical assistance and project management support.

IP Strategy Design

Support on protection and valuation of intangible assets generated from R&D projects.

Dissemination of R&D results

Designing suitable communication strategies and campaigns and supporting the whole dissemination process.